Thursday, 30 April 2009

My Veg Garden

Welcome to my veg garden. You might be struck by the peculiar banner - it's a Happy Birthday banner - the whole thing was built by Pa as a surprise for my husband's birthday. And we love it....
So far we're growing broad beans, potatoes, onions, rocket, lettuces, cavolo nero, kale, runner beans and further up the garden in a sunny spot, courgettes and tomatoes. It's a little exercise in The Good Life (I do long to be Barbara sometimes) and I'll keep you posted on our trials. So far you can take to the bank that spinach hates to be replanted. MCD swears it's growing - I swear it's keeled over with exhaustion.

The only book to be reading at the moment... if you're a woman, and even if you're not

Excuse me for this stunningly breathless review of my latest obsession - and for once it's nothing to do with food. (And Tania and Sarah, if you're reading this, I did try to spare your blushes...) - but if you haven't read Backwards in High Heels, go buy it now - and in a proper bookshop if you can. We all have to do our bit... (I've given the amazon link for the synopsis, but you know...)

It's a series of intelligent, beautifully and elegantly written treatises on what it means to be female, even slightly feminist and proud in the 21st century - and as someone who just poddled along, unthinking of what it really means - this book was a revelation. Yes there's men and love and marriage, but there's also politics, motherhood, philosophy, food (hoorah!) and almost any topic you can think of. It's learning lightly worn and education dressed up in a party dress. Buy it now!

And if you want to read a blog that actually does educate and stimulate - unlike this one - I've listed their blog on the right over there. Subscribe - it's involving, lucid and informative.

Aaargh - my first blog - here goes...

Bear with me while I do this.... It's my first blog and I'm not even really sure it's going to be read, but I'm viewing it as an online diary - first and foremost about food, from cooking in to eating out - and as a place to air my not-overly perspicacious views on the world - and anything I think worth sharing. And hey, everyone else is doing it - why can't I? I am a blooming food writer after all.

I'm comforting myself with the thought that only my friends and family will be tuning in - but if you're neither one of them, make yourself known, say hello - and please be gentle...