Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Glorious Technicolour

You must excuse the self-indulgence of this particular post, but I simply had to show off our sudden brilliant corner of wildflowers.
For much of the year so far our garden has been a determined, thriving, but rather steadfast and dull green. There was a burst of lilac from the clematis and the fuchsia contributed perfect teardrops of white and pink, but for the main, it was green. We scattered - more in hope than expectation - a corner with wildflower seeds, as much for the butterflies and bees as for us and a way to break up the verdant monotony. Nothing happened. For months all we had were more green weeds. We had no way of knowing if they were even the wildflowers or whether we should get on top of this sudden weedy outbreak. Then, last week, a few daisies started to come through, and from then on there's no stopping them. There are poppies and cornflowers, daisies and some rather nice yellowy ones, all next to a sudden sunburst of nasturtiums - and now there's more colour than quite seems seemly. Even the miniature hydrangea is blossoming pink and perky. So this is my indulgence. A positively Jackson Pollock-esque splotch of colour - just from weeds.

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