Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A Fantasy Christmas Wish List

Nicole Diver's shopping list in Tender is the Night always springs to mind around this time of year, if only for the sheer out-there unlikeliness of receiving any of it: the lovebirds, the scarves, the rubber alligator (why?), the travelling gold and ivory chess set....

But there are still a few objets de desire that one might wish for this Christmas, to make the heart beat a little faster. Oh and can I recommend that for divine inspiration and the perfect start to the Christmas wish list, no matter who you're shopping for, visit India Knight's Posterous.

1. A bottle of Julian Temperley's Alchemy - his own Somerset cider brandy

2. Any of the gorgeous new Penguin bound editions of the classics

3. A box set of Katharine Hepburn films (now one can indulge on a winter afternoon)

4. Some luxurious new pyjamas

5. A Lartigue photograph (I did mention this was fantasy, right?)

6. Or indeed a Cecil Beaton photograph, perhaps of the Jungman sisters

7. Or maybe Brassai in his French phase

8. A winter rose bush

9. A beautifully bound copy of T S Eliot's poems

10. A jewel ring

And I wouldn't say no to Sacla's tiny jar of anchovies and white truffles, which when melted and gently heated in butter, then swirled with a little Prosecco, make the most incredible sauce for tagliatelle.

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