Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The flora and the vegetables…

Things we have grown successfully in the garden include:

This stunning velvety chocolate cosmos








A dwarf sunflower at the very peak of perfection


A startlingly pink zinnia


Things that are not looking so hot right now:


An entire wall of non-ripening tomatoes. My only question is Why?


Anonymous said...

Re: Non-ripening tomatoes.
No sun, innit.
My tomatoes are the same. Except in a different garden and probably a lot tastier.

Today I cooked huevos rancheros. Without eggs. It was essentially bacon and fishfingers in a sandwich but I decided to call it huevos rancheros. If I invent a dish, I should be allowed to name it and I don;t think other existing food names should be off limits. If you're naming your kid, you don't ignore all existing names. People don't say "Gordon? You can't call him Gordon, people will think you're talking about the ex-Prime minister". Because when I call out "Gordon" into the garden in a sing-song voice, it's pretty obvious that I'm calling my son. Not the ex-prime minister. Similarly, when I say I've cooked Huevos Rancheros, it should soon become clear that I have used fishfingers, not eggs.

Jo said...

Anonymous - personally I'm with you. Eggs are the work of the devil as far as I'm concerned and any time you can replace them with fishfingers works for me.
Curiously, now the heat has gone, the tomatoes are ripening like gangbusters...