Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thought for the day; Or Thank god for the Irish

otherwise everything you read wouldlooklikethis. ‘Twas the Irish who invented spaces between words. Based at the further reaches of the Roman empire as they were, they had no native Latin speakers and so any communications from Rome came in Latin, written without the spaces between words, as was the custom. The Irish, realising this was all a load of gobbledegook without a native Latin speaker, came over all practical about the matter and shoved spaces into the written documents to break down the barriers of communication.

And thank god for Radio 4 who offers you gifts of facts like these to brighten the day.

Next time, the cleverness of Japanese crows.


Neesie Natters said...

Wow you learn something new every day!
Have a wonderful weekend ;D

Marcheline said...


Over here, it's NPR that offers us tidbits of insight into quirky and interesting "stuff".