Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Another thing of beauty....

A quick update on the old veggie garden. Those at the back are broad beans (thank God they freeze), potatoes have come through and have been rather professionally 'earthed' (We still have no idea what we're doing - is this right? Have we earthed too high?), then the onions (nope still no idea when they're ready), then easy-pick rows of rocket, spinach, lettuce and the rather weedy weeds in the middle are the undoubtedly ill-fated cavolo nero.

But we're rather pleased with it. The rocket is of the straight edged variety rather than jagged, which made us somewhat doubt what we had planted, but those lettuces look almost professional!
And on the right next to some rather delicious clematis are our runner beans - as you'll see from the length of the canes, they have aspirations.

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