Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Veg Garden - the saga continues

So MCD has planted out the cavolo nero seedlings - it's rather peculiar. Some of them have simply panted once, gasped for air and thrown themselves sideways on the soil in seeming despair at leaving the sunny harbour of the kitchen windowsill; some have taken it bravely on the leaf and stood up a little straighter, putting their stems into it with all their might; one has lost its head completely - why? how? - and a few haven't quite made up their minds. Such vacillation in the veggie garden.

However the lettuce is looking rather ravishing, as is the rocket, but my sorrel has been mysteriously - yet not completely - munched, which is terribly irritating - the leaves aren't even big enough to use yet - and can i find any slugs or snails...? none to be seen.

The runner beans have gone in today, wigwammed into a bucket - apparently we can't go wrong with those, they're child's play, easy-peasy - we shall see.

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Anonymous said...

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