Friday, 12 June 2009

A truly happy Friday picture

So fabulous - Meet Beldaran and her new father Ulrok - she was rejected by her pack and he's given her a comforting paw. Their big smiles made me smile in turn, so I'm sharing. And seeing as I'm dog-sitting again this weekend, might as well get in the mood.

I wonder if we could have a baby wolf. Although it would have to bond with the baby orang-utan I also plan on having.

PS: This was in the wonderful Arts & Letters daily - I thought it apposite to the piece -

PPS: Don't know why I haven't done this before, but meet Sam, who doesn't usually wear a red T-shirt to such devastating effect but for that you can blame my sister who no doubt persuaded him it was manly. He's a flatcoat retriever, my parents' (allegedly) last dog and therefore baby and my sister's longed-for baby brother, albeit in dog form (if you quite get my meaning...) He's funny, not terribly smart, always cheerful and adores football. There may be more on Sam in the future.


Anonymous said...

They aren't smiling... it's anguished howling to mourn the loss of the youngest puppy.

Jo said...

Anon - God you're bleak.