Friday, 30 October 2009

In which we bathe in a little reflected bygone glamour...

As has probably become evident by now, one of my great loves is the Roaring Twenties period and its shining, to-hell-with-it-all-and-damn-the-consequences mood. Currently dear old BBC4 are running a 1920s/30s series of programmes with one of the stars in the firmament being Glamour's Golden Age, shown on Monday and repeated on Thursday nights. Do watch - last week's, about the architecture and building from Art Deco to Modernism was fascinating; this week's instalment, covering the brief bursts of light that were Stephen Tennant, Elizabeth Ponsonby, Cecil Beaton, the Jungman sisters et al was a wonderful introduction to the period with good commentary from Lucy Moore and David Taylor, whose books on the subject are equally riveting and illuminating.
I have to admit my knowledge is deeper on the Left Bank and its literary stars of the age, who seem to have a little more purpose and gravitas to their lives, but the above-mentioned are good fun when we all could do with a little sparkle nowadays.

Just a little olden light to bathe in as the nights get darker.

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