Thursday, 22 October 2009

Why does the Government insist on screwing everyone?

If the reportage in this article in The Telegraph is true, and I am sure it is, the Government's new 'hoof tax' is devastating news for every horse owner. Every horse and pony in the country is now liable for a new tax - trainers and breeders must pay £10.50 for every horse they own. This apparently will generate nearly £7 million a year which will go towards yet another quango (why can't they become extinct?) which allegedly will research the way animal disease-outbreaks are handled in the country - ie incompetently and financially disastrously for everyone unfortunate enough to be afflicted.

There appears to be some campaign to be launched - please sign - i'll post it when I can find it. This doesn't just affect those who fall into Labour's supposed categoryof every horse owner as landed gentry, but those who sacrifice and scrimp and save for a much beloved family pet.

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